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About Samurai Guide

August 01, 2014


Our company is located in Sendai, Japan the name of our company is created One, we came up with the idea that we need to make a website that  provides for some of the needs of foreigners that come to see and stay in Sendai Japan.

The aim of Samurai Guide is to inform the tourist coming to Sendai, Japan and those who live and work in the sundering  areas of Sendai, about its  history and its present activities. The samurai Guide site will try to help all that  come to Sendai with up to date information about fun,  relaxing places to go and things to do while you are here  in Sendai. The site will be very interactive with you, with daily updated information  you can access. Samurai Guide  can be accessed through all the social media platforms, for example, are Facebook, Twitter, Google, Line  and Tango. Samurai Guide gives you all updates about Sendai that we think will help make your stay here be appreciated while you are here  in Sendai. We have made the site very colorful and easy to use with you in consideration. We also offer a question and answer area for our daily  users.

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Foreigners visiting Sendai as tourist or on business and expatriates if you can please convey any information that may be useful to the wider Sendai foreign community. Anything that would make the time spent in Sendai more convenient and enjoyable is welcome for submission.Photos and short videos would be greatly appreciated.

NO PROFANITIES PLEASE, thank you for your cooperation.


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