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Sendai castle site & Matsushima

December 01, 2015

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Sendai, Matsushima
approx, 11 hours

JPY 10,000 (USD 97)

per person

Samurai Guide one day trip starts in Sendai Station and will take you to some famous site seen places around Sendai and matstushima hope you enjoy the tour.

08:20My one day trip start at the Sendai station i will be going the morning

You can start your one day from Sendai Station, then make your way to the morning market (Asahi). You can buy fresh fruit, vegetable, or you can have breakfast.

PARCO next to Sendai Station here you can go shopping cafes and resturants

Loft is shopping plaza and Restaurant

Hotel Metropolitan Sendai is located adjacent to JR Sendai Station, a stylish city hotel catering to all your needs in the downtown. Whether it be enjoying seasonal delicacies prepared with fresh, local produce at one of our restaurants, attending an international business conference, visiting on business or to take in the local sights, Hotel Metropolitan Sendai guarantees first class comfort. Free Wi-Fi service is provided for staying guests.

Atago Kamisugi Street Sendai Station

08:3009:00Sendai Morning Market

Sendai Asaichi is a morning market place held in front of Sendai Station. It is the city’s kitchen where shoppers can find vegetables, meat, fish and Japanese-style deli food.

The front entrace of the morning market

The main road of the morning market

09:3010:00You can buy your ticket here for Sendai city loop line

For people who want to freely and rapidly tour city center sights while enjoying the atmosphere of the bus. The Loople, a tourist bus in Sendai, can be boarded and exited any number of times with a 1-day pass and offers the ideal way to explore the sights of Sendai.

Buses tour Sendai's tourist spots and can be boarded and exited freely. Buses start from Sendai Station and tour Sendai's central tourist spots in roughly 1 hour. Services start at 9:00 and end with the 16:00 service. The service timetable is given below. Since you are free to board and get off the Loople Sendai as you please, you can explore Sendai in a quick hour or spend the whole day touring at your own pace. This makes Loople Sendai a convenient city touring bus.

10:0011:30The main entrance of the Aoba castle

Aoba Castle (Aoba-jō), also known as Sendai Castle (Sendai-jō), was the castle of the Date family. Built by Date Masamune atop Mount Aoba, it commanded a highly defensible strategic position overlooking the city of Sendai. Although the "castle" was the headquarters of the Date family and administrative center of Mutsu Province, the peace that followed the Battle of Sekigahara (1600) and the beginning of the Tokugawa shogunate, mitigated the dangers of attack. Plans for the tenshu, equivalent to the main keep of European castles, were drawn, but it was never built. A museum commemorating Aoba Castle's history can be viewed on the site. It features models of the castle as it stood in the Edo Period, artifacts from the castle, and a theater that shows a short movie on the castle. The movie is in Japanese, but headsets that play an English audio track are available.

The temple Shrine

To entertain visitors with powerful performances demonstrating military exercises at the site of Sendai Castle, with photo sessions, and tour guide services. To introduce Sendai and its attractions to visitors by appearing at various events and tourist sites.

Looking at the city of Sendai City form the Aoba Castle

You can take photo from here at the Aoba Castle

A Reastutant at the Aoba Castle

Tanabata decoration at the Aoba Castale

Aoba Castle Museum and Souvenir shops

Some of the many excibition you can see at the Aoba Castle

At Aoba Castle you can buy a Kokeshi doll shop inside the Souvenir shop entrance

The Aoba castle Temple

statue of Date Masamune at the Aoba Castle

Looking at a carving of Date Masamune below his statue

Side view photo of Date Masamune at the Aoba Castle

Miyagi Tourist Information Map at the Aoba Castle

Sendai town map at Aoba Castle

The return bus loople bus to Sendai

12:15 13:10Having lunch at the Sendai Station

After sighting a around sendai it`s time to have lunch at the Sendai Station

For lunch you should try the standing Sushi Restaurant in the Sendai Station

This Standing Sushi Restaurant is one of the best Restaurant

13:23 14:00JR Station at the Senseki Line

From the JR Sendai Station, go to the ticket machine and buy a ticket for Matsushima Kaigan the fare is 410Yen, going through the ticket gate and walk to gate number nine and board your available train, take the rapid train on the JR Senseki Line bound for Ishinomaki (25 minutes) 35 minutes on the ordinary train (fare is the same) and get off at Matsushima Kaigan Sta.

14:00 17:40walking around Matsushima

Matsushima is a group of islands in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. There are some 260 tiny islands (Shima) covered in pines (Matsu) – hence the name – and is ranked as one of the Three Views of Japan. A well-known apocryphal haiku often attributed to Matsuo Bashō indicates that the poet is at a loss for words.

One of the many Senseki train line at Matsushima

Mastushima Aquarium

View from Matusshima Kaigan Station.

Cafes and Resturant at Matsushima Station

Matsushima tour bicycle taix

Matsushima Street view

The port of Matsushima you can book your tour to see the Islet of the bay of Matsushima

The Matsushima Islet tour boots

Matusshima large rice cracker

Big rice carcker at Matsushima

Matsushima grill Kamaboko or boilk fish paste

I recommended you try the Shobian Cafe coffee

Inside the Shobian Cafe the ambiance is very good and you can see the bay of Matsushima

Oyster shop in matsushima

15:0016:00Zuiganji Temple

Zuiganji is a reflection of the natural beauty of Matsushima, and upon entering the temple grounds, the approach to the main hall proceeds along a long, straight path flanked on both sides by cedar trees. An alternate path detours off to the right of the entrance and by a number of caves that were used in the past for meditation, and today contain statues.

The eel tomb stone in the Zuiganji Temple

One of the many incarnated gods statue at the Zuiganji Temple in Matsushima

The railroad victim to duty mourning soul monument

Public phone box out side the Zuiganji Temple in Matsushima

Baddhist Altar inside the Zuiganji temple

Ink paint inside the large Multi purpose hall in the Zuiganji temple

Picture of the founders of the Zuiganji temple

One of the many gods they pray to at the Zuiganji temple

Historical Artifacts at Zuiganji temple

Buddist beads you can buy at the Zuiganji temple

Traitional Daruma Doll at the Zuiganji Temple

Traditional Daruma Doll

Traditional food of that you can buy at the Zuiganji Temple

The Entsuin temple in Zuiganji temple

A souvenir shop that you can buy the big size rice carcker

16:00 16:20Godaido Temple

Godaido is a small temple hall on an islet just next to the pier. Due to its prominent location, it has become a symbol of Matsushima. Godaido was built in 807 and contains five statues which where enshrined by the same priest who founded nearby Zuiganji. The statues are displayed to the public only once every 33 years, and were last displayed in 2006.

The only bridge to that leads to the Godaido Temple

Okuno Hosomichi poem box at the Godaido Temple

A Small Temple at the Godaido Temple

Looking at matsushima bay from the Godaido Temple

The Matsushima sea food resturant bar and cafe area

16:20 17:00Date Masamune Historical Museum

Located steps away from the Matsushima ferry terminal, the Date Masamune Historical Museum at first is a bit creepy to be honest. Wax dolls of other 50 historical people who represents the Tohoku region from the late-Edo Period (1603 - 1868) to today, such as Osamu Dazai, Hideyo Noguchi, and Kenji Miyazawa are also displayed in the museum.

A wax replica of Date Masamune

Art work of Tsunenaga Hasekura at the Date Masamune Historical Museum

A art work of Paul 5th of Rome at the Date Masamune Museum

The Mangattan liner that run from Sendai to Matsushima , you can call this number to find the time they run during the day

Samurai Guide one day trip ends at Sendai Station where it started.

18:30 If you are in Sendai you should try Samurai Guide recommend one day trip, It's lot's of fun.

How to get there

Aoba Castle can be reached in about 20 minutes from Sendai Station by the Loople Sendai bus. Get off at bus stop #5 for the Sendai City Museum or bus stop #6 for the former castle grounds. A day pass for the Loople bus costs 620 yen, otherwise stop one rides costs 260 yen. It takes about ten minutes to walk between the city museum and the former castle grounds. Cruises depart from Matsushima Pier, a 5-10 minute walk from the Matsushima Kaigan Station on the JR Senseki Line, and from Shiogama Pier (Marine Gate Shiogama), a 5-10 minute walk from Hon-Shiogama Station, three stations ahead of the Matsushima Kaigan Station on the same line. A popular route is taking the Senseki Line from Sendai to Shiogama, then the cruise boat to Matsushima, before returning to Sendai from Matsushima Kaigan Station, or the other way around.

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