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Jozenji Street Jazz Festival September 9- 10, 2017

August 08, 2017

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The annual Jozenji Street Jazz Festival is your chance to see hundreds of bands of various genres performing for free. And if you’re a musician, this is your opportunity to perform for an audience of thousands. If you happen to be in the area, why not drop by and enjoy the diverse musical culture that Sendai has to offer.

Samurai Guide went to the Jozenji Street Jazz Festival last year and it was an exciting event I like to see the different performers in selected areas on the Jozenji street. I would say to all those whom live in Sendai areas and those who live outside Sendai to come and see one of the most excellent event in Sendai.

The “LIVE 141 Jozenji Street Jazz Festival” first began in 1987, the same year that the Sendai Subway opened, and continued for four years at the 141 Building’s L-Park. In order to re-develop the festival, the musician Sakakibara Mitsuhiro was consulted. With his idea that “by nature, music is something to be done outdoors” as a general concept, the festival made appeals to the people in the shopping district and on Jozenji Street. In 1991 an executive committee was established, nine outdoor stages were selected along Jozenji Street and Ichibancho, and the modern “Jozenji Street Jazz Festival in SENDAI” began.

The streets of Sendai, with Zelkova tree-lined Jozenji Street as the focal point, are transformed into stages for this event only and overflow with the sounds of music. The music is of a variety of genres – jazz, rock, ska, gospel to name a few. From children to the elderly, from the performers to the executive staff who put the festival together, and of course tourists visiting the city, everybody comes together to enjoy the music. Professional musicians participate alongside amateurs, with no restrictions on factors like age. Performers come from Miyagi prefecture and all over the country. Groups even come from countries overseas, such as Sweden and France, to take part in the festival in various genres. So long as the musical performance is suited to the streets, the genre doesn’t matter. Not only jazz, but pop artists, world music acts, and even rock bands participate.


The 26th Jozenji Street Jazz Festival 2015
WhenSaturday, September 9 – Sunday September 10, 2017
WhereSendai City Center (including the Ichibancho, Kokubuncho, Honcho, Chuo and Omachi neighborhoods) and Miyagino-ku's Tsutsujigaoka area.
DescriptionPlace :

Access :

Notes : Street performances - 11:00am – 6:00pm
Night Stage – 6:00pm – 8:00pm
[No cancellation in the event of rain]
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